Open Letter to the Candidate of Paradise

Jazakillah Khairan ... Thank you so much for Sister still good to keep away from any small cracks negligence. But please tell all of my friends Sister, for they follow in the footsteps ukhti to remove their photos from Facebook and blogs them. Convey to them to refrain from the desire to show the existence of ourselves in front of men who are not eligible.

If they want to show people that they're beautiful, it is enough to show on their husbands only. Or parents and their children only. Because Allah knows all things. If they need the adulation of the beauty that God has bestowed on them, let God alone is flattering, with a return many times over will double in the hereafter.

And if they want beauty they admired, let alone their husbands who admire, and then give it a million gift of love that will never have the appeal ...

While we, the men who did not or has not been entitled to it all, let cool masyuk immersed in prayer, so that was awarded a beautiful wife and shalehah, good mother and unpretentious, teachers who are obedient and keep his dignity ...


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