How to make your wife happy

How to enjoy sex very long. Maybe this way is not much to know. Because each pair usually lazy to do this.

It is very easy, do it gladly and lovingly. No need strong medicine sex, Viagra or tools. Just do a sex with a loving.

But remember! Do not forget to pray. Because when sek without prayer, then Satan had enjoyed an orgy.

After doing sesk to orgasm. Try again trying to arouse her husband. feel the difference when having sex the first with the second. do well for the third.

If the existing results, share it to other people. For each couple can enjoy how wonderful sex with his beloved wife and do not need to be tempted woman that night strewn on the roadside.
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Zakat In Social Life

According to the language, the zakat is cleaning and growing (increasing goodness and blessing). According to Shari'a, zakat is the expenditure of certain property with certain parts and certain intentions and distributed to certain people.
The concept of charity has a relevance with populist economic systems that benefit Muslims and to empower the economy.
In terms of charity recipient objects in accordance with the word of God Almighty in the Qur'an Surat At Tauba: 60) The recipient of Zakah are:

1. Indigent
2. Poor
3. Amil (if not paid or not paid or sincere hope)
4. People who had converted to Islam (less than 5 months even though the rich)
5. Slave
6. People who have debt (when debt for something that is correct)
7. People who follow the war (although rich sabilillah fi)
8. Traveler (Ibnu Sabil), that is, those who preach out of town that ran out of stock even though he basically rich).
In development, the charity which is distributed not only used for eating. Zakat currently being developed to improve the quality of the program division of national and local charity. Zakat is initially more likely to maintenance mustahik charity, is now targeted for development efforts and the formation of mustahik zakat so slowly into muzaki.
Zakat is distributed also been dikeas by systematically tailored to the target of the pemberikan charity.
The use of zakat funds in addition to the grants as well as through provision of revolving funds, so that the mustahik zakat can develop their business productivity. This opens up job opportunities for the managers also mustahik zakat zakat (alms agency workers). With the formation of Zakat becomes muzaki mustahik automatically increased economic growth and social inequality can be suppressed.
Management of professional charity has also provided opportunities for investors to establish istitusi zakat to increase empowerment program mustahik charity. This opens up other investors to open istitusi outside agencies that can synergize with zakat zakat institutions, such as financial institutions (BMT), educational institutions, health units and other institutions associated with the development program Zakat.
Synergies between zakat management institutions, transparency and integrity of charity managers will increase the interest and confidence of muzaki to continue to spend zakat. This has resulted in the development of an advanced economic life and resulted in a better social life.

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The death of a true servant


He was mandated by a sultan. Being a caretaker of Mount Merapi. With courage and obedience to him to keep trim until he died. He died of pyroclastic eruptions of Mount Merapi. He died along with dozens of people who were persuaded to leave "Mount Merapi".
Which became the center of attention, he died not only in a state of obedience to the leadership but also when he was praying. Prostrate before God the Almighty. The owner and keeper "Mount Merapi" the truth.
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Placing targeted ads, it's easy

The ultimate goal of an ad-ad is selling. But before making a purchase the consumer usually has a feeling in his heart to buy something. This is where the role of an exclusivead, brings a sense of curiosity to try a product in the minds of many people. Ad placement is appropriate, easily seen by many people and certainly with a view that is harmonious and seductive. Many strategic places to put exclusivead , train entrance, waiting room, inside the train carriages, near the edge of the window, and elsewhere. Display ads that attract, select the right spot and gain as much as possible buyers.
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Why Muslems more peaceful life?

Why Muslims more peaceful life? Because every Muslim has the confidence that life is only temporary. Real life later in heaven. for those living in this world like in jail, so they can enjoy the suffering of life. For them, life in this world just to grow crops, and crop yields later in the afterlife. They struggled in life and have confidence in the future will experience eternal happiness.
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The first night of Indonesian style

Indonesian people usually carry out a wedding invite many people. Deploying entertainment until late into the night. There is also that until the morning. Then, when the Indonesian people usually enjoy the first night? Of course, the night when the wedding is finished. When another family is eager to enjoy the "entertainment tonight". But there is also a do it before the morning. Then, what about your first night?
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Spesial Private Number Plates

Unique. Why not? You can easily find your Private Number Plates in accordance with the initials of your name. You can also choose the number that matches the initials of your beloved daughter, your beloved wife or your lover. Very suitable for gifts this special day your wife or girlfriend. You also can choose the Private Number Plates according to the type of vehicle that you like ..
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The spirit of devotion

Mbah Marijan. A powerful personal. He died exposed to hot smoke sweep eruption "Mount Merapi". He was an old man guards the mountain. Personal friendly. He died in a state of prostration. Expect help from God. Hopefully he dies in a state of faith and Islam is clean.
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Your wife is like, you can?

1. Your understanding
Understand about the problems he faced. Understand what your wife wants. And understand, what should you do to your wife.
2. Your faithful
Remember, your wife is stronger withstand hunger, rather than jealousy.
3. Your Patience and forgiving
impatient with what your wife have. And forgive your wife for any mistake.
4. You always protect
Protect from hazards disaster, crime is also of defamation.
5. You look neat and clean
Your wife will be proud to have a handsome husband, also clean and tidy.
6. Your romantic
Here's what you like most wives.
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Movie dog names

Do you like dogs? Got a dog at home? And is looking for a beautiful name for your dog? Perhaps the names of the dog in the movie, could be your choice. The following list, Movie Dog Names. Zeus - Zeus & Yodel - Snow, Willie - Patton, Wildfire, Wa-ti - The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996), Walter - To Die For, Verdell - As Good as it Gets, Two Socks - Dances with Wolves, Toto - The Wizard of Oz, Tom Dooley - The, Toby - Afraid of the Dark, Thorn - The Lost Boys , Thor - Bad Moon, Sport - The Egg & I, Spike - Alien: Resurrection, Speck - Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
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Music in the wedding party

The wedding is a special occasion for everyone. No wonder, if many people who want to through it with something different and full of impression. Inside the building a stately or beautiful villa. There also are housed in hotels, flower garden or on the beach.
But, wherever the wedding was held, was impressive without a wedding music. Therefore, for those of you who plan to hold a wedding ceremony in the near future, do not forget to prepare for what music will play in the event. Know anyone who would come guest, choose the wedding music to suit their tastes. Hopefully happy.
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Enjoying life with a smile

There are many stories that can make me smile. There's a scene that made me laugh. All of these should I enjoy. Because life should be smiling. For the days that I passed was beautiful. On the internet, I found many stories,Funny Tongue Twisters , jokes and crap.
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by Dr. J. Saladin

Pediatric Dentist

As you likely already know, our Greater Sacramento public schools have responsibly informed parents of groundbreaking legislation effective since 2006 which requires children entering public school in either kindergarten or first grade to present proof of having obtained an oral health assessment. So why is the law so concerned about our local schools? Well, this new legislature is actually a national policy. Nationally, over 51 million school hours are missed annually to dental disease, the most widespread chronic childhood disease. Only prevention, as this policy promotes, can help keep our children healthy and help keep them in our schools. As a local pediatric dentist specializing in children’s oral and dental health, every little thing counts towards a child’s overall well being. Therefore, in the spirit of prevention, I would like to contribute a little education to help parents understand the importance of baby teeth.

Many people ask me, why are baby teeth so important if they are all going to fall out regardless? The notion that our own legislature feels so strongly about children’s oral health has much to do with the cost associated with the complications that arise do to dental neglect. The costs are not only fiscal but also social. These complications reach far into a person’s lifetime, effecting learning, speech, physical growth and self esteem. This domino effect of complications is clearly understood by dental professionals, especially those who have specialized in pediatrics. Yet, our public may be less informed of these issues. The personal effects on a child can be briefly addressed below:

Baby teeth are an important component in maintaining the space for permanent teeth to erupt normally. Premature loss of baby teeth due to cavities can yield detrimental effects on the growth and development of a child’s face and profile development.

A healthy mouth is important towards maintaining a healthy diet. It’s common to see children who suffer from chronic untreated dental cavities also suffer from malnutrition. Children simply can’t chew food if they suffer from premature loss of teeth, chronic infections or chronic pain. This has a long lasting impact on how a child physically develops through adulthood.

Premature loss of teeth can lead to poor speech development because certain teeth may be missing that aid in proper pronunciation. As a result, many children are not only delayed in their speech progress, but are also delayed at their schools.

Healthy smiles can help a child feel better about themselves and the way they interact with others.

Ultimately, our children’s education depends on a number of factors from good parenting to good health. This legislature is a step in the right direction towards awareness and prevention, helping our children stay healthy and confident in our schools.

There are new jobs around your home

You work out of town? Far from your beloved wife and child? do not let this continue. Find your new job and make around your home. Find a new job in local job search Because without you know, there are many jobs that can be you get around your home. And if you can work around your home and family, you will feel the happiness that you feel has not been interrupted. Okay, happy to find your new job
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A quick way to increase page rank

One way to improve the page rank is by many blogs link to our blog. For that we should be able to make an article that attracted so many people who like our articles and make reference in their blog. They will voluntarily put a link to our blog on their blog. In addition they will also do a blog review about our blog. And they put it in blog directory as a sign of appreciation for our blog. For that we must make the article interesting and useful for many.

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Let's write a blog

Writing on the blog is a positive activity. The tradition of writing on the blog will hone our skills in areas under our control. You can share any knowledge on the blog. Any information would be needed by others. There are many themes to choose from articles, on computers, technology, Nexus One, phone, health, sex, as well as children's toys.
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Prove you are a tough adventurer

One more. Game fun for the adventurers. Discover the treasure of your trip, explore places full of challenges. Prove you are a brave man. And get a real bonus to fill the coffers of your paypal. do not forget this game only for the brave souls who have the conqueror and never give up. And if you are one of the intrepid adventurers, prove your guts here Online Treasure Hunt
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Look beautiful at the party

Be careful. Miss the information about the latest fashion trends will make you embarrassed at the party. Therefore, if you like partying with friends or business associates, you should take the time to surf in cyberspace. You are looking for latest fashions beautiful, sexy but certainly fits with posture and color of your skin. Latest fashion trends that are famous around the world London Fashion trends, so look for the latest info about it.
Do not forget. Party during the day and night is very different. so you have to adjust yourself in a dress. Especially the color problem, shoes and accessories are used. Okay, please enjoy your party.
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Enjoying blogging

There are many ways that we can do to improve the page rank value. One way is to walk blogging activity. We often leave comments on other blogs and you can also exchange links. It could also exchange blog review, do you rate this blog your friends and your friends to review your blog. And you can also register your blog in blog directory easily we can get. Happy blogging.
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Good customer service

Want to become a good customer service? The first time you must take is a matter of appearance. First consider your hair style, the clothes neat, attractive dress, perfect blend of colors, today's clothing trends. Do not forget, the problem of body odor was also very influential in the association. So, do not hesitate to wear perfume everywhere. Ok, if you have ideas about how to get along, I am waiting for your comments.
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Life For Smile

A little discussion in the classroom, consisting of several young children and still has not been contaminated by pure dust usury. A question came out, "What will happen if all the people in this world is given by Allah SWT one kilogram of gold per person? Those with a questioning and feel weird answering "Guns are going to want to work there", "there are guns going to be a sweeper," "there are guns going to be a driver" but there's one smart answer is, the price of gold will be down and gold will no longer valuable. "Smart", I say.
The second question, "What will happen if God made all people on earth to S-3 all?" There are many answers, "all people so clever", "all will be a professor", which certainly will not be as expensive as the price of this education, perhaps even science so cheaply so that people do not feel honored when the title S-3 again, because a sweeper was titled S-3.
(Husnul Yanwar: eramuslim)
More appropriate joke I say this pearls scattered in a collection of articles a friend. In fact, perhaps the friend himself had never read it or not, why? Because writing was hiding in a small folder in berektensi txt file, a file that does not seem pleasant to read.
But no matter the file or source. Its very interesting to us refer to is how valuable lessons from these discussions. Yes, these discussions opened my mind and may be biased open mind my friend, too, that, how valuable we are. Even if we still feel worthless, at least we made the existence of others worthwhile. Degree of an employer that would not bias carried by a rich, when washing dishes, fruit waste, ngepel, washing clothes, shopping the market, until bersihin toilet, done alone. In contrast to a fairly wealthy, but has nine maids, cooks, gardeners, child care workers, carpenters night watch, a masseuse, carpenters shuttle, grammar home builders, carpenters benerin house, till the artisans keep the body (bumpers) aka bodyguard . Master's degree in clothing, because the presence of an attendant.
How can a teacher, religious teachers, scholars, professors president, or the titles of honor to another? Graduated School of Teacher Education (SPG), he was destined to live with living as a painter, anywhere where no one has called him teacher. But, kang jana, only a sma graduate, had never been to college, immediately became a volunteer at the elementary school, he obtained his teacher immediately. The presence of a student in the life of jana-gang, making him worthy of the title of a teacher. Ustad without students, scholars without a congregation, a professor without students, the president without the people, in countries where it is located?
So if the left-right bias hockey was enjoyed by everyone, small large, rich poor, the stupid is smart, can be accepted not ya? Kerbadaan us as anything, what's the title, it did not hinder us to say, we deserve happiness, deserves thanks and enjoy this life with a smile.

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The secret of successful presentations

Whatever business you are doing, always start with the promotion. And promotion of not only just words, but also with appearance. Elegant appearance is a picture of your business that is being offered. Each person will assess the performance before considering the quality of the product. The waiter was friendly, with an elegant tie, hair well arranged, neat shirts and of course a polite word, will build a corporate image. For those of you who are interested in trendy and elegant appearance, can visit click here. Success always.

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Wonderful holiday with virgin islands

Make a holiday with your lover in this year more memorable. Visit a place you've never seen. Enjoy the natural beauty, friendly service, comfortable place and of course means complete.
Cottages, Beach Resort, Asian restaurants and other facilities here. Enjoy and feel the cool air freshness and beauty of Bantayan Island.

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Do not be insecure

Minder (in indonesia). Or the people sono call with Inferior. Not much different alias something like the same nature fear (timidity), feelings of shame (Shyness), loss of confidence (diffidence), or felt himself low, or even humbled himself.
These feelings tend to always assume the other oorang have more value than in himself. People also usually be insecure egocentric, positioning itself as a victim, do not feel satisfied with himself, self-pity and give up easily.
In fact, there is also a typical human if it is minder minded cracker aka weak. More likely too than the ability to appreciate others will himself. Who dwells in the brain is not far from fear, anxiety, misgivings, although only a trivial  with a froblem. As a result, the brain becomes increasingly dull and unable to explore ourselves and not be able creat her abilities. But, whether it is minder that bad? Is not there at all the good and the advantages of a word Minder?
Baca secara fonetik
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Enjoy the holidays with baby

Vacation will soon arrive. Missing seemed to enjoy the days without any office tasks and problems that are difficult. Apart from debt problems, the report until the dispute. Well, the holidays this year should be used to decree anything memorable. Do not want to miss even a day. I have to take the kids to go far from home, of course accompanied by his beloved wife.
'The white' favorite bike I'll take with the family down the beauty of Sumedang.

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The Power Of Minder

Kalo selama ini sahabat selalu dihantui rasa kurang, (kurang cantik, kurang ganteng, kurang pinter atau kurang kaya atau apapun yang namanya kekurangan). Atau sobat merasa tidak pantas, tidak pantas bersanding dengan si pulan, tidak pantas menjabat sebagai anu, tak pantas kerja di anu, tak pantas juara. Atau juga selalu merasa tidak mungkin, tidak mungin sukses, tidak mungkin bisa, tidak mungkin mampu dan yang satu spesies dengan itu, konon sobat udah terjangkit virus "M1NDER".

Lho kok virus? Iya! Virus adalah parasit berukuran mikroskopik yang menginfeksi sel organisme biologis. Itu dunia biologi, nah kalau dunia komputer virus adalah merupakan program komputer yang dapat menggandakan atau menyalin dirinya sendiri dan menyebar dengan cara menyisipkan salinan dirinya ke dalam program atau dokumen lain. Satu gelar buat sesuatu bernama virus adalah berbahaya.
Virus dalam tubuh menimbulkan penyakit, bikin badan ngedrop bahkan sampai walkout (pergi meninggalkan dunia ini). Kalau beranak vinak atau beraksi dalam komputer virus bisa bikin data kacau atau komputer ngeHANG. Dan kalau rasa minder bergelayutan dalam kehidupan kita, bikin kita mati langkah. Cenah.
Minder. Melongok kamus bahasa indonesia artinya rendah diri. Merasa diri rendah yang bikin seseorang merasa serba tak bisa dan takut mencoba. Ini beda jauh dengan tawadhu. Menurut Ustadz Abu Usamah, Tawadhu adalah ketundukan kepada kebenaran dan menerimanya dari siapapun datangnya baik ketika suka atau dalam keadaan marah. Artinya, janganlah kamu memandang dirimu berada di atas semua orang. Atau engkau menganggap semua orang membutuhkan dirimu. Silahkan sobat cerna. Di mana bedanya. Tapi stop, kita nggak mau ngomongin apa itu minder, apa itu tawadhu. Yang mau kita omongin adalah, bagaimana, sebuah kata minder itu bisa jadi sebuah kekuatan melebihi kata PEDE. Bisa? Coba saja.

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Ø Pemimpin yang tidak bisa menjaga amanah
Ø Orang yang sombong
Ø Orag kaya yang tidak tahu darimana dia memperoleh harta dan untuk apa hartanya dimanfaatkan
Ø Orang alim (ulama’) yang membenarkan penguasa dholim
Ø Pedagang yang curang
Ø Orang yang suka menimbun harta
Ø Orang yang berzina
Ø Orang yang suka memakan harta riba’ (rentenir)
Ø Orang kikir yang tidak mau menginfaqkan hartanya
Ø Orang yang suka minum arak


1. Ikhlas dalam beribadah
2. Berbakti kepada ibu dan bapak
3. Mempererat tali silaturahmi
4. Tidak menyia-nyiakan usia dalam kemaksiatan
5. Tidak mengikuti kehendak hawa nafsu
6. Bersungguh-sungguh dalam taat
7. Memperbanyak dzikir kepada Allah

Sumber : Nashoihul Ibad


v Nabi Muhammad SAW

v Orang berilmu dan mengamalkannya

v Orang yang memahami Al-Qur’an dan mengamalkannya

v Muadzin (orang yang adzan) dalam sholat 5 waktu dengan niat karena Allah

v Orang yang menyayangi fakir miskin dan anak yatim

v Orang yang mempunyai hati penuh kasih sayang
v Orang yang berpegang teguh pada kebenaran
v Orang yang taat pada Allah
v Orang yang hanya makan barang yang halal
v Dua orang pemuda-pemudi yang saling mencintai karena Allah
v Orang yang selalu membiasakan sholat jamaah
v Orang yang gemar sholat tahajud disaat orang lelap tidur
v Orang yang senantiasa menjaga diri dari perbuatan haram
v Orang yang menasehati orang lain tanpa pamrih
v Orang yang selalu menjaga wudlunya
v Orang yang ringan tangan membantu orang lain (dermawan)
v Orang yang mempunyai akhlak mulia
v Orang yang mempunyai keyakinan kuat bahwa Allah penjamin dirinya
v Orang yang berbuat kebajikan kepada para janda
v Orang yang mempersiapkan kematian dengan bekal amal kebaikan

Sumber : Nashoihul Ibad

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Aku Masih Di Sini

Suatu hari. Ketika tak ku lihat lagi dirimu. Tak Kudengar lagi suaramu. Tak kurasakan belaianmu. Apa yang akan bisa aku rindukan darimu.
Suatu hari. Ketika dunia ini gelap untukku. Matahari hanya untukmu. Bulan tak nampak. Malam sendiri. Gelap menerpa. Siapa yang menemaniku?

Setiap orang punya teman dalam hidup. Tapi, adakah yang setia hingga akhir hayat. Mengantar tak hany sampai di mulut liang lahat. Tapi terus kemana aku pergi. Menghadap Izroil, menghadap, munkar wa nakir, menghadap malik atau ridwan, hingga berkumpul dengan iblis atau bersemayam di syurga bersama para nabi dan orang shalih. Adakah teman seperti itu?

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penulis muda: Assalamu'alaikum Pak Ustad yang terhormat Apa huk

Judul Blog*: Hukum Chatting dengan Non Mahram

Entri dari*: dan

Gambar: kudung.jpg

Isi Blog*: Assalamu'alaikum Pak Ustad yang terhormat

Apa hukumnya chatting (ngobrol online) dengan lawan jenis yg bukan mahram? Apakah boleh, tidak baik atau malah diharamkan? Tolong dijelaskan


Rachman A.


Walaikumusalam Wr Wb

Saudara Rahman yang dirahmati Allah swt

Apabila chatting diantara mereka berdua sesuai dengan patokan-patokan syariah maka hal itu tidaklah masalah. Patokan-patokan itu adalah ;

1. Chatting itu berisi tentang menampakkan yang hak (kebenaran) dan memabatalkan yang batil.

2. Chatting itu berisi tentang pengajaran ilmu, firman Allah swt :

فَاسْأَلُواْ أَهْلَ الذِّكْرِ إِن كُنتُمْ لاَ تَعْلَمُونَ

Artinya : "Maka Tanyakanlah olehmu kepada orang-orang yang berilmu, jika kamu tiada mengetahui." (QS. Al Anbiya : 7)

Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam bersabda: "Menuntut ilmu adalah kewajiban bagi setiap muslim." (dishahihkan al Albani dari Anas, Ali dan Abi Said radhiyallahu anhum)

3. Kedua orang yang berbincang-bincang itu tidaklah mengeluarkan obrolannya itu dari area adab-adab islam didalam penggunaan lafazh-lafazh, memilih ungkapan-ungkapan yang tidak meragukan dan tidak kotor yang dibenci sebagaimana yang banyak digunakan oleh para pengumbar hawa nafsu.

4. Chatting itu bukan yang membawa kemudharatan bagi islam dan kaum musliimin akan tetapi justru yang dapat memberikan bantuan bagi mereka untuk belajar agama mereka melalui saluran baru sebagaimana orang-orang kafir membelanjakan waktu-waktu mereka untuk penyebaran kebatilan. Sesungguhnya seorang muslim membelanjakan setiap potensinya dijalan penyebaran keutamaan, kebaikan dan kebenaran.

5. Hendaklah antara kedua orang yang melakukan chatting itu bisa dipercaya untuk tetap berada diatas kebenaran dan tidaklah salah satu dari keduanya memenangkan dirinya karena hal itu dapat mengaburkan berbagai hakikat dan menunggangi hawa nafsu, naudzu billah itu semua tergolong dalam kejahatan jiwa amaroh bissuu' (jiwa yang menyuruh kepada kejahatan)

6. Hendaklah obrolan itu di ruang public yang bisa diikuti pula oleh banyak orang yang lain dan obrolan itu bukanlah obrolan khusus antara seorang pria dan wanita yang tidak disaksikan oleh selain mereka berdua karena ini termasuk salah satu pintu fitnah. Dan jika patokan-patokann tersebut terpenuhi meskipun tidak disaksikan dan ia bukanlah pembicaraan langsung maka tidaklah mengapa meski yang paling utama adalah tidak melakukannya sebagai sebuah tindakan preventif karena terkadang perbuatan itu bisa menjerumuskan seseorang kedala perbuatan yang diharamkan. Sesungguhnya setan mengalir di tubuh anusia lewat aliran darah. (Markaz al Fatw No. 1759)

Dengan demikian jika chatting dilakukan diantara dua orang berlainan jenis yang bukan mahramnya tidak memenuhi patokan-patokan syar'i diatas maka hendaklah dihindari karena hal itu bisa menjerumuskannya kepada perbuatan yang diharamkan.

Tidak jarang bermula dari sebatas orbolan biasa, kemudian menjadi obrolan yang bersifat pribadi hingga lebih pribadi lagi (berpacaran) tidak terkecuali apakah dia seorang yang masih bujangan atau telah menikah hingga terjadi perselingkuhan dan perzinahan—naudzu billah—dan setan pun tertawa lebar-lebar.

Wallahu A'lam

Sumber: http://www.eramuslim.com/ustadz-menjawab/chatting-dengan-nonmahram.htm

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