Do not be insecure

Minder (in indonesia). Or the people sono call with Inferior. Not much different alias something like the same nature fear (timidity), feelings of shame (Shyness), loss of confidence (diffidence), or felt himself low, or even humbled himself.
These feelings tend to always assume the other oorang have more value than in himself. People also usually be insecure egocentric, positioning itself as a victim, do not feel satisfied with himself, self-pity and give up easily.
In fact, there is also a typical human if it is minder minded cracker aka weak. More likely too than the ability to appreciate others will himself. Who dwells in the brain is not far from fear, anxiety, misgivings, although only a trivial  with a froblem. As a result, the brain becomes increasingly dull and unable to explore ourselves and not be able creat her abilities. But, whether it is minder that bad? Is not there at all the good and the advantages of a word Minder?
Baca secara fonetik
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