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A little discussion in the classroom, consisting of several young children and still has not been contaminated by pure dust usury. A question came out, "What will happen if all the people in this world is given by Allah SWT one kilogram of gold per person? Those with a questioning and feel weird answering "Guns are going to want to work there", "there are guns going to be a sweeper," "there are guns going to be a driver" but there's one smart answer is, the price of gold will be down and gold will no longer valuable. "Smart", I say.
The second question, "What will happen if God made all people on earth to S-3 all?" There are many answers, "all people so clever", "all will be a professor", which certainly will not be as expensive as the price of this education, perhaps even science so cheaply so that people do not feel honored when the title S-3 again, because a sweeper was titled S-3.
(Husnul Yanwar: eramuslim)
More appropriate joke I say this pearls scattered in a collection of articles a friend. In fact, perhaps the friend himself had never read it or not, why? Because writing was hiding in a small folder in berektensi txt file, a file that does not seem pleasant to read.
But no matter the file or source. Its very interesting to us refer to is how valuable lessons from these discussions. Yes, these discussions opened my mind and may be biased open mind my friend, too, that, how valuable we are. Even if we still feel worthless, at least we made the existence of others worthwhile. Degree of an employer that would not bias carried by a rich, when washing dishes, fruit waste, ngepel, washing clothes, shopping the market, until bersihin toilet, done alone. In contrast to a fairly wealthy, but has nine maids, cooks, gardeners, child care workers, carpenters night watch, a masseuse, carpenters shuttle, grammar home builders, carpenters benerin house, till the artisans keep the body (bumpers) aka bodyguard . Master's degree in clothing, because the presence of an attendant.
How can a teacher, religious teachers, scholars, professors president, or the titles of honor to another? Graduated School of Teacher Education (SPG), he was destined to live with living as a painter, anywhere where no one has called him teacher. But, kang jana, only a sma graduate, had never been to college, immediately became a volunteer at the elementary school, he obtained his teacher immediately. The presence of a student in the life of jana-gang, making him worthy of the title of a teacher. Ustad without students, scholars without a congregation, a professor without students, the president without the people, in countries where it is located?
So if the left-right bias hockey was enjoyed by everyone, small large, rich poor, the stupid is smart, can be accepted not ya? Kerbadaan us as anything, what's the title, it did not hinder us to say, we deserve happiness, deserves thanks and enjoy this life with a smile.

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