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One day. When you do not see anymore. I heard no voice anymore. I felt no belaianmu. What will I miss you.
One day. When the world is dark to me. The sun just for you. Invisible months. Night itself. Dark hit. Who's with me?

Everyone has friends in life. But, is there any faithful until death. Not only drove up in the mouth of the grave. But continue where I'm going. Izroil facing, facing, evil wa Nakir, facing malik or mercy, to gather with the devil or residing in heaven with prophets and righteous people. Is there a friend like that?

When death comes, we will not be able to dodge. We have to accept it. We must leave father, mother, wife / husband, children and all family dear.

This death is a sure thing. prepare families as possible is our duty. Giving happiness from now. Life is a choice.

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It's about our treasure

For some people and may include us, looking at the rich man that much money, stately homes, acreage and good appearance. We may also think that many people who treasure it nice and comfortable life. Do you feel it too?

Friends, there is treasure in the world belongs to Allah. The world we are given the grace to enjoy it just a little bit more and keep it. Eating in accordance with our stomach's ability to hoard food. Drinking suit our stomach's ability to accommodate the water. Not much. Even houses are numerous and widespread, it only took a narrow space for sleeping. More in maid or gardener to enjoy us. Do we ever think so?
Then, for what is actually the god gives us the treasure?

1. Our life of worship
     To worship we need the strength and health of our bodies. This treasure can be used to meet the needs of all. To eat, drink, clothing, shelter and other necessities to worship.

2. To maintain our dignity
     With the treasure we have, we can avoid hunger, thirst and shame for not being able to wear the proper clothing. With treasure that we can replace the old. And we do not become beggars. So our dignity intact.

3. To help others
     In life we connect with other people. We know each other and love each other. Although there are times when we mutually hostile.
with this treasure we can share with others. By sharing, there will be a sense of mutual affection and love with others.

4. Providing livelihood to the family
     In life we are given the grace of affection. With a love that we love each other and choose to get married. A husband has an obligation to provide for the family. This treasure is used to provide for the family.

5. Helping our religion
  Our religion is already taken care of by God. We are given the opportunity to take care when living in the world. With treasure that we can help our religion. Giving gifts for preachers, build mosques or churches, building schools, buying religious books. And other religious needs.


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PT Jaya Real Property Tbk

PT Jaya Real Property Tbk is one of the leading housing developer in Indonesia. Integrated residential facilities tailored to the desires of its customers. Try to maintain the trust of customers by continuing to innovate, improving product quality, and expansion of networks and services. Established since 1979, operating in central Jakarta area, west and south. Currently the project flagship offers a self-contained residential area with complete facilities, convenient and secure. Have access to transportation access connected with all parts of Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Depok and Bekasi. PT Jaya Real Property Tbk offers a diverse product properties. For beautiful residential facility that promotes environmentally friendly. Ecomunity concept offered a good option for customers who crave beautiful residential, healthy, convenient for the whole family. This ecomunity concept focuses on three main components, health Care, Earth Care and Energy care. Health care focuses on the need to maintain the cleanliness of the air and water with the selection of building materials that support a healthy environment. Saati PT Jaya Real Property Tbk offers one beautiful residential Bukit Menteng, a dwelling with a charming natural atmosphere. Menteng hill may be an option for those of you who want to enjoy the lifestyle of a well-established yet still appreciate and love the green of the universe. Besides the hill Menteng, PT Jaya Real Property also offers residential in Kebayoran Residence, a modern minimalist dwelling that is suitable for the whole family. Other housing options can be in Kebayoran Village, Discovery Plastica, Emerald Plastica and Castle Teracce. All occupancy are offered can not be separated from the concept of prioritizing ekomunity beauty and eco-friendly. For commercial district PT Jaya Real Property offers business district Emerald Venue and Venue Emerald II, Acacian arcade and Kebayoran scuare. At this time (June 2014) PT Jaya Real Property still some positions open up career opportunities. Some positions are currently needed in between Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Infrastructure Manager, tenders Manager, SPV, Operational supervisor and other positions. For career information details can be viewed at the official website of PT Jaya Real Property in www.jayaproperty.co / carrier.


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PT. Home Credit Indonesia is one of the new financial services provider in Indonesia. Marketing area that has been tested in parts of Europe and Asia into Indonesia in 2013. For a start, Home Loans opened an office in Jakarta for the next service will be developed in other areas across the country. Powered by a sophisticated system, easy, flexible and comfortable in the processing of credit for customers.
Founded by a successful businessman of Czech, Petr Kellner, under the auspices of the PPF Group NV a financial group and largest investment in eastern and central Europe. Supported by international standard-class business practices and HR competencies are managed by international course Home Loans has been preparing to compete in the financing of the archipelago.
Home loans provide attractive offers to consumers who are accustomed to enjoying the services of credit in stores household purposes. Purchase of furniture such as electronics, mobile phones, home appliances that are durable to use this service. To issue a credit processing system, of the home loan guarantees ease and comfort. With a record 31 million subscribers in 2012 samppai to prove that the home loan is received in the international market.
As a new company in indoensia, of course, is still very wide open for a career path. This is an opportunity for financing deals in the field of human resources to be able to join a home loan. Recruitment is done through a system that has been well tested. Doing a personal approach (or approaches wawancara0 group. Recruitmen results for the problem, it is determined by the individual's ability, qualifications and course achievements.
Until now (June 2014) home loans career opportunities for the following areas:
1. Sales and marketing
2. Operations
3. Processing Business
4. Technological Information
5. General and adnministasi
With experience build 32,500 permanent employees scattered across the world, has proven HR management process in home runs with good credit. Therefore, in order to widening credit home wing throughout Indonesia, being part of a home loan is the right choice and quite challenging for marketers in the country.
As a new financial institution in the country, of course, a home loan is still open cooperation with the retailer in Indonesia. With its unique financing system and flexible financing process and secure the power jack will be selling for retailers.

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