It's about our treasure

For some people and may include us, looking at the rich man that much money, stately homes, acreage and good appearance. We may also think that many people who treasure it nice and comfortable life. Do you feel it too?

Friends, there is treasure in the world belongs to Allah. The world we are given the grace to enjoy it just a little bit more and keep it. Eating in accordance with our stomach's ability to hoard food. Drinking suit our stomach's ability to accommodate the water. Not much. Even houses are numerous and widespread, it only took a narrow space for sleeping. More in maid or gardener to enjoy us. Do we ever think so?
Then, for what is actually the god gives us the treasure?

1. Our life of worship
     To worship we need the strength and health of our bodies. This treasure can be used to meet the needs of all. To eat, drink, clothing, shelter and other necessities to worship.

2. To maintain our dignity
     With the treasure we have, we can avoid hunger, thirst and shame for not being able to wear the proper clothing. With treasure that we can replace the old. And we do not become beggars. So our dignity intact.

3. To help others
     In life we connect with other people. We know each other and love each other. Although there are times when we mutually hostile.
with this treasure we can share with others. By sharing, there will be a sense of mutual affection and love with others.

4. Providing livelihood to the family
     In life we are given the grace of affection. With a love that we love each other and choose to get married. A husband has an obligation to provide for the family. This treasure is used to provide for the family.

5. Helping our religion
  Our religion is already taken care of by God. We are given the opportunity to take care when living in the world. With treasure that we can help our religion. Giving gifts for preachers, build mosques or churches, building schools, buying religious books. And other religious needs.


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