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One day. When you do not see anymore. I heard no voice anymore. I felt no belaianmu. What will I miss you.
One day. When the world is dark to me. The sun just for you. Invisible months. Night itself. Dark hit. Who's with me?

Everyone has friends in life. But, is there any faithful until death. Not only drove up in the mouth of the grave. But continue where I'm going. Izroil facing, facing, evil wa Nakir, facing malik or mercy, to gather with the devil or residing in heaven with prophets and righteous people. Is there a friend like that?

When death comes, we will not be able to dodge. We have to accept it. We must leave father, mother, wife / husband, children and all family dear.

This death is a sure thing. prepare families as possible is our duty. Giving happiness from now. Life is a choice.

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