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PT. Home Credit Indonesia is one of the new financial services provider in Indonesia. Marketing area that has been tested in parts of Europe and Asia into Indonesia in 2013. For a start, Home Loans opened an office in Jakarta for the next service will be developed in other areas across the country. Powered by a sophisticated system, easy, flexible and comfortable in the processing of credit for customers.
Founded by a successful businessman of Czech, Petr Kellner, under the auspices of the PPF Group NV a financial group and largest investment in eastern and central Europe. Supported by international standard-class business practices and HR competencies are managed by international course Home Loans has been preparing to compete in the financing of the archipelago.
Home loans provide attractive offers to consumers who are accustomed to enjoying the services of credit in stores household purposes. Purchase of furniture such as electronics, mobile phones, home appliances that are durable to use this service. To issue a credit processing system, of the home loan guarantees ease and comfort. With a record 31 million subscribers in 2012 samppai to prove that the home loan is received in the international market.
As a new company in indoensia, of course, is still very wide open for a career path. This is an opportunity for financing deals in the field of human resources to be able to join a home loan. Recruitment is done through a system that has been well tested. Doing a personal approach (or approaches wawancara0 group. Recruitmen results for the problem, it is determined by the individual's ability, qualifications and course achievements.
Until now (June 2014) home loans career opportunities for the following areas:
1. Sales and marketing
2. Operations
3. Processing Business
4. Technological Information
5. General and adnministasi
With experience build 32,500 permanent employees scattered across the world, has proven HR management process in home runs with good credit. Therefore, in order to widening credit home wing throughout Indonesia, being part of a home loan is the right choice and quite challenging for marketers in the country.
As a new financial institution in the country, of course, a home loan is still open cooperation with the retailer in Indonesia. With its unique financing system and flexible financing process and secure the power jack will be selling for retailers.

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